Saturday, March 30, 2013

Buster Posey = Will Clark

Chris Quick at Bay City Ball has a very astute analysis of the still stunning deal for Buster Posey. Here's one excellent point about Buster being the face of the franchise -- 

Growing up, I still fondly remember Will Clark — my all-time favorite Giant — as the face of the team. To me, Clark embodied everything about the Giants: his tough approach to playing the game, his amazing production, the gorgeous swing, the eye black, everything that Clark did seemed to echo “Giants.” So you can imagine how tough it was to watch Clark walk away from the team in 1993 when a contract couldn’t be reached. It’s a different situation with Clark and Posey — for one, Posey is coming off a nearly historic year — but I think the bigger point stands: it sucks to watch your favorite players change uniforms. I still followed Clark’s career, but my goodness was it bizarre/weird/strange to see him wearing Texas, Baltimore, and St. Louis uniforms after playing for the Giants.
Thankfully, I won’t have to go through the same weirdness with Posey.

As someone who was around in 1993, it was a strange year to be a Giants fan. Peter Magowan had prevented the team from being moved to Tampa-St. Petersberg; the Giants caught fire and won 103 games but because the stupid Padres essentially gave away Fred McGriff to the Braves, the Braves won 104 games to take the NL West title; what the hell was an Atlanta team doing in the NL West in the first place; and the whole season had the overhanging question that the Giants would probably keep either Matt Williams or Will Clark bit not both...

Well, it looks like we have had a better ending. Here's Chris Quick again ...

The Giants’ willingness to lock up important players to competitive deals is a very welcome sight. In the war of escalating payrolls, the Giants have shown a commitment to retain players the team deems key. The jokes of the ‘Rainy Day Fund’ can probably go away for awhile now.
So, today’s a very good day if you’re a Giants fan. Let it wash over you. Let the idea of Posey playing for the Giants until he’s in his mid-30s calm your nerves. There’s always risks to be found in any long-term contract that involves millions and millions of dollars, but that’s for another day.
Today is a very good day. Today is a very, very good day.


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