Monday, March 18, 2013

11 seconds in October

The SF Chronicle's Scott Ostler has nice column about the throw in Game 2 of the World Series that cut down Prince Fielder. He makes the very good point that putting in the practice in March is what made it possible. 

I maintain that the Pablo Sandoval homers in Game 1 set the tone for the rest of the series but this play was a close second.

One insight -- Mike Krukow thinks Fielder would have been safe had he not opted for the psycho Scott Cousins approach on the play --


Mike Krukow told me he's positive the 275-pound Fielder rhino-charged the plate with the intention of blowing up Posey, to score the run and maybe put the Giants' MVP out of commission. But Posey, harking back to the lesson he learned from Professor Scott Cousins a season earlier, didn't block the plate and give Fielder that opportunity.
Krukow: "If Fielder swings wide (to his right) with a hand tag (of the plate), he's safe. ... He took a (blow-up-the-catcher) angle, making him reachable" by Posey.


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