Monday, February 04, 2013

The other Abreu on the Dodgers

One of the many compensations of watching the Dodgers last year was how often they turned to guys who were no damn good anymore. Case in point -- Bobby Abreu, who used to be an elite player. In fact, between 1998 and 2004, he racked up Wins Above Replacement scores of over 5.0 for seven straight seasons with the Phils. Had he kept that up for two or three more years, we would be talking about a legitimate Hall of Famer. But he began declining in 2005 and was racking up very average WAR scores by 2010.

And he was lousy last year, so bad that the Angels ate nearly all of his $9 million salary and released him in April so that Mike Trout could play every day. Despite all the evidence that Bobby didn't have much left other than the ability to draw walks, he still logged 230 plate appearances with the Dodgers for a strange slash line of .240/.361/.344 -- with his power gone, his WAR for the season was -0.4.

He really was a walking machine -- 22nd on the all-time list. 


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