Sunday, February 17, 2013

The 3rd year of Scutaro in the Orange and Black

Andrew Baggarly of CSNBay Area has an interesting post about Marco Scutaro agreeing to go with the Giants instead of the Cards because the Giants offered him a 3rd year -- three for $20 mil instead of two for $18 mil -- when he will be 40. It's a gamble for sure but he's been quite good in his time in a Giants uni. 

Matt Holliday of all people was part of the Cards pitch.I stilll believe that Holliday should have been thrown out of the game for that take out slide in the NLCS.

Marco started pulling in the big bucks -- $5 million plus per year -- back in 2010 as Bosox.  He's racked up 18 in wins above replacement over the past five years. Here's part of the story --

He hit .362 in 61 regular-season games and will carry a 20-game hitting streak into 2013.
Yes, his .366 average on balls in play might be unsustainable. But his 94 percent contact percentage on swings taken was the best in the majors, and his skill set makes him a perfect hit-and-run man in the No.2 slot for a club that thrived despite hitting the fewest home runs in the major leagues.


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