Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Right where we left off"

That's Bruce Bochy quote by Bruce Jenkins of the SF Chronicle on the Giants' first run of the spring on a single by Angel Pagan, a sac grounder by Scutaro and a single by Pablo Sandoval. 

The Giants went on to win, 4-1. Gary Brown doubled. 

The run was scored off a pitcher named Billy Buckner, per the story on the Giants web site. 

Aside from being named the same as the well-known Dodger-Bosoxer, Buckner has the distinction of being traded in 2010 for Dontrelle Willis, who started 5 games for after the trade for the Dbacks, was released and spent the rest of the season at Fresno.

Buckner racked up 138 innings between 2007 and 2010 for KC and the Dbacks.He's been on four teams since but hasn't made it back to the bigs -- 


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