Monday, February 11, 2013

Lousy contracts = Dodgers

That's what Jonah Keri writes on the Grantland site. He has a long story about the 15 worst contracts in the game -- Brandon League (13th), Juan Uribe (8th), Carl Crawford (2nd) and Adrian Gonzalez (14th). 

Barry Zito is 6th. Here's Jonah on Crawford -- When a player goes from a signature offseason pickup to a poison pill tacked onto a massive, multi-player deal in a span of less than two years, something has clearly gone terribly wrong. That the Dodgers willingly took on more than five years and $100 million worth of Crawford, when an elbow injury had already knocked him out for the year and raised questions about his future health, was bad enough. Another major drawback can be filed under opportunity cost. With Guggenheim Partners at the helm, the Dodgers have been delighted to overspend on all manner of players — you'll note that Crawford is the fourth Dodger on this list, and that L.A. gladly forked over another $147 million to reel in Zack Greinke. Problem is, a baseball team only has so many lineup spots available to be filled. I


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