Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Joe Torre is a dingbat

Looks like being affiliated with the most evil organization in the MLB, the los angeles dodgers, has made Joe Torre into a dingbat idiot when it comes to changing the rules on home plate collisions. Because it's obviously important to let dingbat sociopaths like Scott Cousins ruin careers by pretending their in the NFL.

I would bet that it's going to take another Scott Cousins collision ending a player's season to change the stupid rule -- which simply should be enforced as it is at the other three bases, and no longer allow runners the right to try to knock the ball loose.

Wendy Thurm at Fangraphs notes that Stupid Torre is insisting that no change should be made that would "affect the way the game is played."  --

Even if a rule change would make the game safer, it shouldn’t be pursued because it would “affect the way the game is played.”
Hmm. Seems we’ve heard a variation of this argument before. “Baseball is a game of history and tradition. You mess with that, and you mess with the very fabric, the very core of the game.”
“That’s why we can’t have black players in the game.”
“That’s why we can’t have instant replay.”
“That’s why we can’t have female umpires.”
“That’s why we must have a ban on PEDs and HGH.”
The integrity of the game. Or, rather, an idealized version of the integrity of the game, that must be preserved at all costs.
Baseball is a sport steeped in tradition but shouldn’t allow itself to be suffocated by it. Times change. Knowledge evolves. Batters wear helmets. Catchers wear masks. Runners on first can’t leave the baseline for the sole purpose of taking out the second baseman or shortstop on a slide. The league is investigating protective headgear for pitchers, after Brandon McCarthy took a line-drive off his head last season and needed emergency brain surgery to save his life.


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