Sunday, February 03, 2013

Conor Gillaspie in the Orange and Black?

I've never understood why the Giants keep bringing this guy up. He looks overmatched and hasn't shown any ability to hit MLB pitching. He's gone 9 for 48 with a slash line of .205/.271/.295.

DrB at the very solid When the Giants Come to Town blog calls Gillaspie the 42nd best Giants prospect. In other words, he's not impressed either. And it looks like he's out of options -- 

Because of an apparent signing promise by the Giants to add him to the MLB roster in Sept of 2008, Conor will be out of options this spring.   The Giants will have to either keep him on the 25 man active roster or expose him to waivers.  Barring some unexpected developments in spring training, it does not appear that there is a place for him on the active roster, so we'll see what happens.
His main strength is a consistent ability to control the strike zone which should allow him to achieve a respectable BA in the majors.  It's just that it comes with marginal power at best, no speed and pedestrian defense with no positional flexibility.  It seems to me that his best bet at this point is to hope to be claimed off waivers or traded to a rebuilding team like the Astros or Marlins who can afford to give him the opportunity to play at the MLB level.


Blogger Jesse Radin said...

Conor Gillaspie is a really talented player and he should be traded to a team that could use him. I'm the guy that always defends Conor from you random bloggers, but his minor league numbers are solid. I think his main issue is range more than arm. He'd be better at LF than 2B.

I hope the Giants don't keep him in the minors. He could help someone out right now.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

Thanks for writing, Jesse. I think of Conor as a 4A player who excels in the minors but can't get the playing time at the MLB level. Maybe if he got a full season, he'd put up some good numbers. But I'm skeptical...

4:59 PM  

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