Tuesday, February 12, 2013

21 of 25

They're almost all back -- the guys who won the World Series 4 months ago. That's what a Ricahrd Justice story notes on mlb.com. I had not heard previously  that Andres Torres wanted to come back (Boldface is mine)  ...

In the wake of winning two championships in three years, the Giants did something championship teams don't always do.
That is, Sabean left it alone. He looked at how his mix of players changed in the previous 12 months, and he liked what he had put together. He thought that instead of changing the group, the best strategy would be to give them another ride together.
So they're back, 21 of the 25 World Series players. One of the new Giants is anything but. He's Andres Torres, who spent three seasons in San Francisco before being traded to the Mets for Pagan last winter.
He attended one of the Giants' postseason games against the Cardinals, and when the season ended, began lobbying to return.
"It's not like the group has been together for four or five years," Sabean said. "Pagan's been here a year. Pence and Scutaro a half-year or less. We've got four young players in Belt, Crawford, [Hector] Sanchez and [George] Kontos. In a lot of ways, it's comforting for everybody to have the same group you ended the season with. It's not like it was a group that was at the end of a cycle or end of a run. It started a run, and hopefully we can continue it."
Sabean's worries are the usual ones -- health and organizational depth. This camp will be about sorting out depth behind the 25-man roster. That's why 24-year-old right-hander Chris Heston, who was dominant at Double-A last season, will get some important innings.
Complacency is not an issue. The Giants simply have gone about their business the way the best professionals usually do. As reliever Jeremy Affeldt said, "We enjoyed winning the World Series again, but then we had to get back to business. We're the champions of last season."


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