Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Hall of Fame is a joke

That's about all I have to say right now. Here's part of what Jason Stark posted at ESPN. 

 The votes are in. The earth is still rumbling. Now let's try to digest the magnitude of what just happened here:

A man who hit 762 home runs wasn't elected to the Hall of Fame.

A pitcher who won seven Cy Young Awards wasn't elected to the Hall of Fame.

A man who hit 609 home runs only got 12.5 percent of the vote.

A catcher who made 12 All-Star teams missed election by 98 votes.

It boggles the mind. Doesn't it? We were just presented the most star-studded Hall of Fame ballot in maybe 75 years. And NOBODY got elected?

It's enough to make you wonder: What kind of Hall of Fame are we building here?

I HAVE THE ANSWER JAYSON -- It's a joke. Oh, also - Pitchers and catchers report in 37 days.  


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