Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stan the Man RIP

The Christian Science Monitor has a nice story on The Man frpm Phil Elderkn. Here's part of it. I noted that Branch Rickey -- who gets the credit for promoting Jackie Robinson -- was smart enough to promote  Stan as a 19-year-old pitcher -- 
One of the things Cardinals general manager Branch Rickey did in 1940 was to promote 19-year-old Stan Musial to his Daytona Beach farm team in the Florida State League. A step up from where Musial had been playing and still a pitcher, Rickey felt that Dickie Kerr was the ideal minor league manager to put the finishing touches on Stan.
With Kerr picking his spots, Musial won 18 games. But even more impressive to Dickie was the way Stan hit when he played him in the outfield. It was the same year that Musial, diving for a fly ball, injured his throwing arm so badly that he would never pitch again.
Kerr not only softened things for Musial by telling him to forget about it – that he would someday be a big league outfielder – he also invited Stan and his wife to move in with him and his family. Musial, of course, never forgot Kerr’s kindness and years later, on Dickie’s 65th birthday, Stan and his wife presented him with the deed to a new house in Houston, Texas.
Here are two more things the reader ought to know: Musial won seven National League batting championships, and on his 60th birthday checked in at only three more pounds than he weighed at the height of his career!


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