Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sad Sam Jones

I was trying to figure out when I first saw Stan Musial play and figured it must have been in 1959 at Seals Stadium, possibly when Sam Jones was pitching.

Jones was a pretty good pitcher for the Cards in 1958. So the Giants -- who never had enough pitching in those days -- traded for him with Bill White and he had a couple of fine years for the Giants in 1959 and 1960. 

That 1959 season was brutal for a young fan -- one that taught me that disappointment is nearly inevitable in baseball. The Giants were up on the Dodgers by 2 with 8 games left, then lost 3 to the Bums and two to the Cubs before Sam finally stopped the slide with a vic over the Cards for his 21st win.

Stretch hit his 13th homer in that game (he'd only been in the bigs for two months) and Mays got his 34th.  

As for Jones, he won the ERA title and tied Spahn and Burdette for most wins. 


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