Wednesday, January 02, 2013

No respect out of Boston

Man, you would think that winning the World Series twice in three years would count for something but not in Boston, where Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says the Giants have the 9th best roster in MLB, right in front of the KC Royals (????!!!???)  

1. Nats
2. Reds
3. Tigers
4. Angels
5. Blue Jays
6. The Evil Ones/Dodgers
7. Braves
8. Cards
9. Giants
10. Royals

I suppose I could allege East Coast bias though he has two other California teams on the top 10 list. This isn't very deep analysis -- Here's what he said about the Giants --

9. San Francisco Giants — The names have never jumped off the page, except for the obvious one in Buster Posey, but it’s a lineup that produces enough to allow a fine pitching staff to do its thing. The key this season is to get Tim Lincecum back to being effective.

"A fine pitching staff" -- how dismissive of a staff that's won two World Series. Earth to Cafardo -- the Giants beat the Reds, Cards and Tigers when it was all on the line. Doesn't that count for anything? I guess not.



Blogger Robert LeRoy Parker said...

At least Buster Olney ranked us #1. Of course ESPN couldnt let it be published without some backhanded commentary from anonymous clowns.

3:15 AM  

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