Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What's up with Michael Bourn?

I am joining Eric Sams at Fangraphs in being perplexed why there's not more interest in this guy, who was worth 6 wins last year. It seems that the Giants have decided that Pagan, Pence and Andres Torres/Gregor Blanco will be enough for 2013. 

I would guess that the asking price is too high -- along with the Giants having committed to Pagan in a major way. Still, Bourn has racked up a pretty fine 19.0 WAR so far in the bigs. Much as I like Blanco and Torres, this guy would be awesome to have in the Orange and Black.  Here's Sams' first paragraph --

  A six-win center fielder is on the market, and our most recent article on the subject is whether or not his agent has waited too long to get him a deal. We don’t know what his asking price is, but the idea that a player coming off a career year and four straight seasons with more than four wins now needs a pillow contract seems to suggest that either there’s a reason to doubt Bourn’s work, or there’s a lack of demand for his services in the market place.


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