Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Strange but true, 2012

Jayson Stark of ESPN has a long column about the oddities of the 2012 season and mentions Matt Cain's perfecto-- 

• My other favorite no-hitter of 2012 was Matt Cain's June 13 perfect game against the Astros -- because it was saved by one of the most astonishing catches you will ever see. That was an insane, diving, eat-some-warning-track-for-dessert seventh-inning Web Gem by the right fielder, Gregor Blanco, on a Jordan Schafer shot to what can only be described as nearly dead center field. So what makes it so strange but true? Because, according to Baseball Info Solutions, no right fielder has caught a ball hit that hard to that part of any park in any other game over the past three seasons.
• Has anyone mentioned yet that all those no-hitters can be hazardous to a guy's health? Twice in 12 days, no-hitters were the chief culprit in sending two different players to the disabled list -- just not the guys who pitched them. First, Mets reliever Ramon Ramirez charged out of the bullpen on the way to celebrating Santana's no-hitter -- and blew out his hamstring. A week and a half later, Aubrey Huff leaped over the dugout railing after Cain's perfect game -- and forgot to nail the landing. He sprained his knee -- and started only one more game the rest of the season.


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