Friday, December 14, 2012

Starting lineup for the Orange and Black

1. Pagan, CF
2. Scutaro, 2B
3. Sandoval, 3B
4. Posey, C
5. Pence, RF
6. Belt, 1B
7. Blanco/Torres, LF
8. Crawford, SS

I always have thought that Torres getting his appendix out late in the 2010 season was quite unlucky. I got mine out when I was 12 and it wasted me for a month. Torres wasn't the same guy when he came back and really hasn't been since. Giants fans everywhere are hoping for a bounce-back! 

Chris Quick at Bay City Ball has a decent analysis of the Andres Torres signing. Here's part of it -- 

Hitting aside, the Giants should be able to boast above-average defense in LF. It’s hard to think of many teams with a better defensive corner unit. Torres still appears to be a an above-average defender and he should rate solidly plus in LF. In Torres and Blanco the team has two center fielders playing a corner OF spot and hopefully they’ll be able to make up for the occasional bad Pagan route.
If Torres can hit LHP at a near league average rate, combined with his defense and running skills, the Giants will be extremely happy. Though, at age 35, he’s somewhat of a risky bet. Health issues have often plagued Andres and players don’t get magically healthier as they age. (He missed 21 games in 2012 with calf issues.) He’s not a bad gamble at $2M, but of all the positions on the 2013 Giants, LF clearly looks like the one with the potential for the most headaches.
Welcome back, Andres. Please don’t be terrible.


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