Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"Scutaro hit .362 after arriving in a July 27 trade"

He's now $20 million richer. The Giants front office didn't mess around, signing Affeldt, Pagan and Scutaro and letting Brian Wilson go. Bobby Evans of the front office told Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chron that all three gave SF a hometown discount.:

 "They were our priority," Evans said. "We had the benefit that all three wanted to come back. We have a very special group, and they all showed loyalty in coming back to us and the fans. They could've stayed out there and tried to get bigger deals. It's a tribute to them."

The .362 average is reminiscent of how Randy Winn performed in 2005 when he arrived in San Francisco.For those two months, Winn mashed with a line of .359/.391/.680 with 14 HRs.

Scutaro will be 37 next year. He sure didn't play like a 36-year-old in August, September and October.  


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