Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scott Hairston in the Orange and Black?

That's what Trevor Cole at Giants Baseball Blog proposes as a way to get a bigger righthanded bat for the Giants. Trevor dopes out the 25-man roster, which includes Brett Pill, Francisco Peguero and Jean Machi. Hairston has a knack for just killing the Giants, so at least he'd stop doing that if he wound up in a Giants uni. Here's the Hairston part of the post -- 

 One of the big spots that I'd like to see them address most is finding another right-handed bat in the outfield. They did bring back Andres Torres earlier this month to add depth to the outfield, but if they could manage to find a right-hander with some punch, that would really round out this roster in my opinion. The one name remaining that I've been monitoring since free agency started is Scott Hairston, and he's still sitting out there waiting to find a new home. I know the Giants are pretty much at their budget for 2013 already, which makes another significant singing unlikely, but I think a right-handed bopper like Hairston makes enough of an impact to warrant a slight budget increase.

  He had a career high of 20 HRs in 2012 as a Met with a 1.5 WAR; he's totalled 7.2 in WAR over nine seasons. Despite the Giant-killing HRs over the years, he's not an impressive guy. He'll be 33 next year.


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