Saturday, December 29, 2012

Petco shrinking a bit

Get ready for Denver-like scores out of San Diego. Well, maybe not 17-14, but more like 9-7. 

It got announced in October and I guess I wasn't paying attention -- the Padres are bringing in the fences in 2013. I guess I missed the story in all the excitement about the Giants surviving the NLDS and NLCS and sweeping the World Series.

I'm sure it must be a problem with getting free agent hitters to sign. Per Bill Center of the San Diego Union-Tribune, they're also putting seats on top of the RF wall -- something like the Arcade seats at AT&T Park, which have a fine view but are damn chilly at night  

The Dads hit 121 HRs in 2012 - third lowest in the NL and 18 behind the Giants, who had the lowest MLB total. The Giants did score 718 runs, which was 6th highest in the NL, which shows that homers aren't the definitive offensive stat.


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