Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Out-Yankeeing the Yankees

That would be Los Angeles Evildoers aka the Dodgers, who look like they will have a payroll as high as $230 million next season. I got the headline for this post from a comment on a McCovey Chronicle post from Grant Bisbee.Here's part -- 

These Dodgers are going nuts.
And if they don't win the World Series, it will be a total failure.
I love that. There aren't going to be bonus points for them winning the division, for beating the Giants. There's going to be a mindset of "You'd better make your way this small-sample tournament of 10 equally matched teams, or else!", and it will be completely unreasonable. The odds are the Dodgers fail a lot more than they succeed, regardless of what kind of team they build.
As long as they don't actually win the stupid thing, I'm a fan of this new Dodgers strategy. It gives the Giants an even bigger villain to root against. It makes the Dodgers hated by everyone, too. THE BIGGER THEY COME, Y'ALL.
Tommy Lasorda.
Sorry, that didn't mean anything, but the SB Nation editor let me know that I was on word #664, so I had to make the next two count in a post about the Dodgers because that's my whole thing, man.
Long post short: I'd rather have the Dodgers be a rich powerhouse burdened with nearly impossible expectations than be a miserably bankrupt afterthought. The corollary to that is if there had to be one team in the N.L. West that won the Powerball drawing, I'm glad it wasn't, like, the Padres. It would be hard to care as much about that.
The Dodgers aren't building a guaranteed winner. They're just growing their handlebar mustache longer and twisting it tighter. After a season in which the Giants had it all, that's almost the best thing possible to make every game feel just as important as it ever has.


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