Monday, December 03, 2012

Nakajima in the Orange and Black?

John Shea of the SF Chron recaps the Pagan deal with a focus on whether Marco Scutaro will be signed. He confirms that the Giants are considering a Japanese shortstop -- Hiroyuki Nakajima -- if they can't get Scutaro signed. 

Nakajima is 30 years old and has hit 162 HRs in Japan. The Yanks paid $2 million for his posting fee last year but failed to reach a deal.  

Tsyoshi Shinjo was the only Japanese player the Giants have had within memory. He was the starting centerfielder for the 2002 Giants -- with most of his value on defense. He did not play much after Kenny Lofton came in deadline deal for Feliix Diaz and Ryan Meaux.  

Lofton is one of the more under-rated players of recent years with a 64.9 WAR in 20 years -- close to Hall of Fame numbers. In other words, there are guys who weren't as good who are in the Hall.  


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