Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Matt The Workhorse

Howard Bender at Fangraphs makes the case that Matt Cain was the most valuable Giant this season--

 When the Giants won the World Series in 2012, there were a number of contributors at whom to point when fans were looking for someone to thank. Buster Posey was an absolute beast in the second half, Sergio Romo stood tall when closing out games and even Tim Lincecum deserved a healthy bit of gratitude for his relief work during the playoffs. But for me, it was Matt Cain who deserved most of the accolades. From his lights-out start of the season to his perfect game in June, over a minor July speed bump, and into an August recovery for the stretch-run, Cain put the team on his back and carried them for the first half until the rest of the team picked it up after the All Star break and then helped them finish of the National League in style.  He was, without questions, the workhorse the Giants needed him to be.

Baseball Reference gives Matt a 3.5 WAR score, while Buster got a 7.2, Melky got 4.7, Angel got 4.0 and Brandon Belt got 2.7. 


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