Saturday, December 08, 2012

It was 20 years ago today

McCovey Chronicles alerted me to a nice post in Hardball Times by Chris Jaffe -- 

Twenty years ago today, one of the biggest and best—probably the best—free agent signings of all-time occurred. The Giants inked a deal with left fielder Barry Bonds, formerly of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Yeah, that was a pretty good deal.

In the 1992-93 offseason, Bonds was as big a free agent as there could be. He’d just won the MVP Award in 1992, his second such trophy in the past three seasons. In between, he’d been runner-up in the 1991 NL MVP voting.

From 1990 through 1992, he was among the league leaders in virtually every offensive category: first in slugging percentage (.566), first in OPS (999), second in on-base percentage (.424), second in runs (308), second in walks (327), third in RBIs (333), tied for fifth in home runs (92), and seventh in stolen bases (134). Oh, and he did it while hitting .301. It’s everything you could want in a player, so it’s not surprising that WAR considers him the best in all the land in those years: 26.0 WAR easily topping runner-up Cal Ripken Jr.

Oh, and Bonds would be just 28 in the upcoming 1993 season, so he still was near the outset of his prime


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