Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year - and thanks!

Good Lord, what a year this was to be a Giants fan. Not everyone thought it was a great year, however. Rob Neyer of SB Nation has nominated several poorly written pieces for worst sportswriting of the year - including one particularly embarrassing pre-World Series piece out of Detroit by Jeff Seidel -- 

The insight free piece takes Giants fans to task for eating garlic fries, which are damn tasty in my experience -- and mocks us for suporting a stadium that's a little different -- 
But there is no way the Detroit Tigers can lose to these guys. They would never live it down.
First of all, the Giants have a Build-A-Bear Workshop in the stands behind leftfield at AT&T Park. Seriously. How the heck can you lose to a team where the fans can go to a game and stuff a teddy bear and then buy a cute little outfit?
Can you imagine that in Detroit? .... They sit there -- decked out in orange and black, waving orange towels -- watching their Giants while eating garlic fries, crab sandwiches on grilled sourdough bread, clam chowder, fried calamari, sweet potato fries with cinnamon and chipotle sprinkle, and clove garlic chicken sandwiches. Others can be found drinking margaritas, Irish coffee and an assortment of wines.Can you imagine eating clam chowder and drinking wine in the bleachers at old Tiger Stadium?You'd get thrown out on your tush. Just because.
And here's part of Neyer's response -- Just in case anyone's forgotten ... the Tigers tore down the bleachers at old Tiger Stadium. Along with the rest of the place. I'm all for tradition and beers and brats and all the rest of it, but the Tigers killed those traditions when they knocked down the best baseball stadium in the world. So give me a break, please.
Of course there's lots more. Which isn't to say that a Detroit writer couldn't write an amusing column about baseball in San Francisco, California. This just wasn't that column. It's like that Seinfeld episode where Tim Whatley converts to Judaism, and Jerry suspects he did it just for the jokes.
"And this offends you," a priest asks Jerry, "as a Jewish person?"
"No," Jerry replies. "It offends me as a comedian."
Seidel's piece, full of one-sentence paragraphs and tired stereotypes, offends me as a writer. I understand that almost everybody occasionally phones one in. But during the World Series?

So if you've gotten to the end of this, let me say THANKS FOR READING. Neyer's column is a good lesson to me to 1. Keep it interesting 2. Keep it to the point and 3. Support the San Francisco Giants. 

LET'S GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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