Saturday, December 08, 2012

Damon in the Orange and Black?

Well, Johnny Damon told the Boston Herald he'd like to give it another go in 2013. I'm willing to bet his agent has contacted the Giants but that's just me speculating. 

He played 64 games for the Indians last season before they cut him loose because he was no damn good any more with a lousy slash line of .222/.281/.329 in 224 plate appearances. The Indians signed him after the season started on April 17 and cut him on Aug. 9 -- showing that if you're an older player without a contract, it's probably a lousy idea to miss spring training.

 He'll be 39 next year and has racked up a WAR of over 52 -- not quite a Hall of Fame career but not too shabby either.  

He was a pretty decent player in 2011 so maybe he's worth a try in spring training....

One strange thing about Damon -- he's played for six AL teams but never in the NL.


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