Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Marco? Scutaro!

That variation on "Marco? Polo!" was a favorite out in the bleachers during Games 1 and 2 of the World Series. Chris Quick at Bay City Ball has a nice post about whether the Giants should re-sign him, based on his outstanding 2012. Here's a key part -- 

 A Scutaro return seems likely. Though, the Giants should have learned some important lessons from the 2010 World Championship — namely that “keeping the band together” isn’t always the best idea. The Giants had better realize that what they pay for and what they actually get could be two vastly different things. Because unless you believe that Scutaro somehow learned to hit at an above-average level during his time as a Giant — which I don’t — he’s much more likely to perform at past levels with some decline added in for aging.

Chris suggests that a 2-year $14 million deal is in the offing. That seems pretty sensible to me. He's been putting up pretty decent numbers for awhile -- ever since the 2008 season, when he had a 4.1 WAR, according to Baseball Reference, which says he had a 5.1 in 2009, 2.6 in 2010, 2.4 in 2011 and 1.9 last year (-0.2 in Colorado and 2.1 in a Giants uni)  


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