Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lefties in the Orange and Black pen

In the wake of Jeremy Affeldt signing a 3-year deal for $18 mil, it's worth noting that the Giants don't spending for bullpen depth. They have Javier Lopez signed through next year; Raising (Matt) Cain predicts that mid-season pickup Jose Mijares will be back. Oddly enough, Lopez wasn't used in the World Series after being very effective in the NLDS and NLCS.

And Affeldt was quite good in the postseason, the site notes. 

Jeremy Affeldt faced 40 batters in his 10 appearances and struck out ten of them. He gave up a mere five hits and did not allow a single run. He pitched the 6th and the 7th in relief of Ryan Vogelsong in the pivotal marathon Game Three of the LDS, pitched in back-to-back games twice in the LCS (Games One/Two and Six/Seven), and struck out four in his crucial 1-2/3 in Game Four of the Series. It was a dominating performance by the big lefty. Remember all the whining about how much the Giants "wasted" on relief pitching that could have been spent signing Carlos Beltran? A guy like Affeldt, who can hammer 94 mph fastballs in on the hands to all hitters and them freeze them with unhittable curveballs is not a "fungible" commodity. The Giants recognized his skill set, paid him handsomely for it, and used it to great effect to win another title.


Blogger Robert LeRoy Parker said...

I was displeased that ownership didn't dish the $ for Beltran. We still have a hole in left field. Hopefully the payroll will increase in a meaningful way this year given all the sellouts and merchandise sales. Swisher gets my vote.

10:38 AM  

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