Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ichiro staying in the pinstripes?

That's what it sounds like, to read the New York Post from a few days ago. It sounds as if Post reporter George King thinks it's a swell idea, based on his .322 batting average as a Yank and the fact that Derek Jeter thinks Ichiro is a great guy. 

According to Baseball Reference, though, Ichiro put up a 0.1 WAR (wins above replacement) in his 72 games as a Yank after his 1.5 WAR as a Mariner last year.Apparently, his defense has fallen off.

He was quite a player in his prime. In 2004, he had the highest WAR in the AL at 9.0, yet finished 7th in the MVP voting to Vlad, who had the 8th best WAR in the league at 5.2. Johan Santana was at 8.5, followed bby curt Schilling and A-Rod at over 7.0. 

There was a time not that long ago -- think of guys like Steve Finley, Ryan Klesko, Jose Vizcaino and Dave Roberts -- when the Giants appeared to have cornered the market on players who were way past their primes. I'd like to think those days have passed.


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