Monday, November 26, 2012

Bye bye Brian?

Henry Schulman of the SF Chron has a sobering analysis about whether the Giants will be able to retain Brian Wilson, what with a Friday deadline to decide whether or not to tender him at $6.8 million -- the minimum that can be offered. 

Schulman, who seems to be pretty well-sourced as a rule, believes that the Giants don't want to pay that much and that Wilson won't accept anything less. 

Wilson was astoundingly good in 2010 -- he racked up a 2.7 WAR (wins above replacement), which is quite high for a guy who only pitched in 70 of the team's games. It's also nearly half of the 5.6 WAR he's racked up so far.  

Relievers are important for sure. But there are more than 500 player seasons in which a player has totalled at least an 8.0 WAR -- and not ONE of them is a reliever. Not one, according to Baseball Reference. 

Naturally, that includes Willie Hernandez, who won the Cy and MVP in 1984 with a 4.6 WAR. Because of saves, relievers tend to be overvalued. Cal Ripken had a WAR of 9.8 that year.  


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