Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adios, Manny

MLB Trade Rumors has a post that Manny's decided to become a free agent after being outrighted to Fresno. 

In five seasons with the Orange and Black, he racked up a Wins Above Replacement total of -2.5 due to an utter inability to hit MLB pitching.  

I am sure he's a good guy but I am not sad to see him go.He had 1 homer, 1 triple and 14 doubles in 801 plate appearances. That's Hal Lanier-type lousy.

My guess is that the Giants held on to him this long because he was a versatile defender and he'd been a first round pick in 2006 (33rd overall). The front office redeemed itself that year by picking Tim Lincecum in the first round. So that's a good trivia question -- who were the two first round picks by the Giants in 2006. 


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