Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Matt and Ryan

It starts with the starters. MC O'Connor at Raising (Matt) Cain has done some nice post-World Series analytical work on the stellar pitching delivered in the postseason. Vogelsong racked up some amazing numbers -- 

Twelve guys had at least three starts in the playoffs and only six of them threw at least 20 innings. Of all of them, Vogie had the lowest ERA (1.09), the 4th-lowest WHIP (1.05), and was 3rd-best in strikeouts (21). Not bad for a guy who couldn't find a job two seasons ago. Did mention he was signed through 2013 and the team has an option on him for 2014? I can't wait to see what other great things this guy can do.

Here's part of what he posted on Matt --

 Matt had the distinction of starting the opening game of the post-season and the closing one. He also started the clinching game in each series. Those worked out well. Having a guy like Cain is awesome--you stick him out there and he does the job. He out-pitched Mat Latos in Game Five of the LDS, he out-pitched Kyle Lohse in Game Seven of the LCS, and he out-pitched Max Scherzer in Game Four of the World Series. If it weren't for a friendly gust adding 30 feet to fly out to right field, Matty's line (7 IP, 1 ER) would have been dominating, not merely good. But there's something to be said for being merely good over and over again. Toss in an occasional dominating and you got yourself a hell of a ballplayer. And that's who we got. We got Cain. For five more years. And he's a hell of a ballplayer.


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