Sunday, October 07, 2012

Hard-hit balls all night

Perhaps it's just wishful thinking but Lefty Malo was at the game tonight and came away feeling as if the Gmen were a good deal less than lucky. I agree.Here are the specifics -- 

The Giants hit at least five balls extremely hard, most with runners on base, and none landed for hits.

1) Matt Cain, 2nd inning, hit a screamer toward the right-field wall with two outs and the bases loaded. Jay Bruce sprinted back and catches it over his head. It would have been a bases-clearing double. 

2) Brandon Belt, 4th inning, lined one to Joey Votto that Votto turned into an unassisted double play. It likely would have set up a first-and-third, one-out situation. 

3) Hunter Pence, 6th inning, hit one to the warning track in center. 

4) Marco Scutaro, 7th, lined one over left fielder Ryan Ludwick's head. Ludwick ran and jumped and twisted and somehow came down with it. 

5) Hunter Pence again, 8th inning, hit one into the notch where the right-field wall does a wiggle, about 365 feet deep. Bruce caught it on the warning track. It would have tied the game. 


Blogger David Pinto said...

The Reds do have a good defensive team.

5:27 AM  

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