Friday, October 19, 2012

Five down, six to go

Who could have guessed that Barry Zito would turn in one of the best starts of the 2012 postseason -- and be far more valuable than A-Rod?

"I have a few different options and they were all working," Zito just said on the postgame.

That was what Mike Krukow said again and again during the radiocast -- the command of the strike zone was pinpoint.

And the bunt RBI that Zito delivered was something else. Still hard to believe!

John Perricone at Only Baseball Matters says it well in a short post called "Unimaginable" -- 

Of all the outcomes I imagined for tonight’s game 5 against the Cards, Barry Zito throwing 7 1/3 shutout innings wasn’t one of them. In an almost unprecedented performance, Zito pitched the game of his life, took the Giants’ season on his back, and shut down the hottest offense in the playoffs as the Giants won 5-0 to bring the series back to SF.


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