Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bruce Jenkins = dingbat

One of the most embarrassing sportswriters around decides to completely ignore the truth about how the Giants front office operates, asserting that the team has no interest in sabermetrics. Hardball Times nails it in this fine post. 

It's an embarrassment that the SF Chronicle lets someone this incompetent report for them.   

It's a failure to react to changing circumstances as Jenkins pounds out a column that could have been written in 2003. On a personal note - I have been frustrated in the past by the lack of plate discipline shown by Giants hitters, so much so that I thought Hensley Meulens should be fired. That tendency finally seemed to improve this year, or maybe the Giants just started playing guys -- Scutaro, Belt and Blanco, in particular -- who were willing to be more disciplined. Or maybe Meulens changed his coaching.


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