Wednesday, October 17, 2012

23 years ago today

I was at the Stick on a ramp up to the second deck for Game 3 when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit at 5:04 pm. On this day, my best wishes go out to everyone.

Adding this following a long, disappointing loss in St. Louis --

 Here's what I remember about Oct. 17, 1989:

-- I was so tired that I didn't realize it was a quake. I was on a ramp to the upper deck and thought some pilots had done a flyover. I fell down and said "Was that the Blue Angels?" My sister said, "That was an eaerthquake."

-- it was a warm day, so that when the quake hit. Most people weren't in the usual bundled up mode for the Stick.

-- there weren't any cell phones

-- there was a massive cheer that went up after the shaking stopped. That was the damndest thing. I guess that people felt like, "Wow, that was some serious earthquake. And the Stick is still standing!"

-- I kept faintly (and foolishly) hoping that somehow the game would get played. But then the TV sets in the press section came back on near where I was seated with my sister in the upper deck and we could see the part of the Bay Bridge that had collapsed.


Anonymous ian said...

wow, more details! what happened next? where did you go? anything notable memories in the 30-90 minutes that followed the shaking? at what point did you start to consider how this would affect the teams' rotations??

10:40 AM  

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