Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why we love Willie Mays in Giants World

There's a nice post by Chris Haft in Haft-Baked Ideas about Angel Pagan getting fielding tips from No. 24.Here's part -- 

Mays, who won 12 consecutive Gold Gloves (1957-68) for fielding excellence, advised Pagan to begin his pursuit of such fly balls at full speed, then decelerate. He reminded Pagan that the less his head moves while he runs, the easier it is to focus on the ball and make the catch.
As the season has unfolded, Pagan relishes being told, “Willie wants to see you,” then going to clubhouse manager Mike Murphy’s office to receive more tutelage from the master.
“I like it,” Pagan said with a gleaming, grateful smile. “I don’t consider myself a genius in baseball, so I have to learn as much as I can.”
He didn’t need to add the obvious — that Willie Mays is a baseball genius.

Postscript -- Pagan got his 14th triple tonight, tops in the MLB. The previous SF Giant record was 12, held by Steve Finley (???!!!) and Mays. 


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