Sunday, September 23, 2012

A spring training game in September

Much as I'd love to see the Orange and Black have home field advantage in the NLDS, I think it was interesting to see the scrubs out there losing to the Padres after a month of doing everything to win every game possible. Francisco Peguero got his first big league hit; Justin Christian broke on 0-for-25 streak. Yasmeiro Peitit made his first start in 3 years. 

So it's the same game as in late March -- who are the 25 guys who will make the cut for the Oct. 6 opener?

Now the question is who to put on the postseason roster. Bochy's already declared all five starters -- Tim, Matt, Barry, Ryan and MadBum. The pen aces -- Affeldt, Casilla, Romo and Lopez are locks so that's nine, and Jose Mijares has been a solid pick up so that's 10. The 10 regulars -- Posey, Hector Sanchez, Crawford, Scutaro, Sandoval, Arias, Blanco, Pagan, Belt and Pence -- bring it to 20.

Can you tell I'm not a big Ryan Theriot fan? I would guess that he will get a slot, though, which brings it to 21. Aubrey Huff has been quietly getting pinch hits -- he's gone 5-for-8 this month -- so I'd say he's a lock unless he manages to find some other weird way to get injured. So now we are at 22. Xavier Nady has gotten some big hits for the Giants in his short time with the club and we all know how much Bochy loves veterans so that makes 23. Additionally, he is the only real fourth outfielder the club has right now, unless we count guys like Theriot, Huff and Belt who haven't done much outfielding at all this season.  

I can take or leave the rest of the pitchers -- Clay Hensley, George Kontos, Jean Machi, Guillermo Mota and Brad Penny are the most likely. I never feel confident with any of the mound. Kontos is probably the best of the bunch and he's been used a lot, so he's No. 24.

My early guess for No. 25 would be either the non-hitting Eli Whiteside, just in case there's an injury, or Brett Pill, who can hit a homer from time to time. He got 104 ABs this year. I would have said Eli before this year but Bochy spent much of the year just going with Buster and Hector. My guess for No. 25 is Pill. 


Anonymous ian said...

I think we'll see:

C: Posey, Sanchez
IF: Belt, Scutaro, Arias, Crawford, Sandoval, Theriot, Huff
OF: Blanco, Pence, Pagan, Nady

SP: Cain, Bumgarner, Zito, Lincecum
RP: Vogelsong, Affeldt, Casilla, Lopez, Mijares, Romo, Mota, Kontos

8:27 PM  
Blogger Big D said...

Thanks, Ian! Interesting that you see Mota as making it and Vogey as an RP

9:10 PM  
Anonymous ian said...

yeah... I don't see the Giants starting all 5 guys, and assuming that I think Vogelsong's better suited to the pen than Zito -- Bochy trusts Zito to start a game, and if he starts walking people pull him early and you have Vogey as the handcuff. And if Vogey doesn't have it Mota is next in line as the long man -- Bochy likes his versatility, and his stuff has been solid since his return so I think he's on the squad.

To me 25th man comes down to the extra reliever (Kontos), an extra bat as you described (Pill), or speed off the bench (Peguero I think, more likely than Burriss or Christian). It may come down to who the opponent is.

In 2010 they carried 11 pitchers (as opposed to the 12 I foresee), but had no use for the 5th starter (Zito) and had an extra OF (Rowand/Schierholtz).

11:17 PM  
Anonymous ian said...

looks like i was right... not that there was too much question. let's just hope we don't see too much Mota... hopefully just for any blowout or severely extra-inning games.

6:59 PM  

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