Saturday, September 01, 2012

1st of 19 caught stealing

I was reading a fine post at Raising (Matt) Cain about Tim's fine pitching today and one of the "hecklers" noted that Hector Sanchez had become the first to throw out a man stealing (David de Jesus) on Lincecum this season after 18 consecutive steals. 

Truly one of the fave moments of a fine game at Wrigley. Here's part of it via JC Parsons --

Maybe it wasn't Big Time Timmy Jim, but it wasn't too far off.  He had some nasty stuff fo' sure. He really only gave up two well hit balls ( and the homer was right down the right field line at Wrigley, which is about as short as it gets ).  His biggest problem tonight was with the pitch count, but let's face it, that's a nice problem compared to napalm innings which have led to that ridiculous 5.21 ERA.  Is he ever going to get that ugly-thang below FIVE?

The good:  My favorite moments ( besides the Nady double ) were : 1) a lovely throw by
Hector Sanchez to nail a would-be base stealer. It was a perfect strike FROM HIS KNEES! Truly a thing of beauty. And 2) the four pitches (all strikes) from Javier Lopez to lock down the eighth.  He even gave up a single on the first pitch! 


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