Sunday, September 16, 2012

10 road series wins in a row

MLB is such a treasure trove of stats but this one kind of leaped out at me in Henry Schulman's game story for the SF Chronicle -- with tonight's 3-2 vic at Phoenix, the Giants have won 10 straight road series.He notethat it is the first time Giants have done so since the 1968 tean --  which was damn good team.

How good, you ask? Try 4 Hall of Famers --Mays with 2 MVPs, Stretch with an MVP, Marichal, Perry with two Cys -- plus a rookie named Bobby Bonds, Jim Ray Hart, Ron Hunt and Bobby Bolin in their primes. They still finished 9 games behind the Cards in second place -- the last year of non-divisional MLB.   

Speaking of Hall of Famers and MVPs -- Baseball Reference says Buster Posey has a WAR of 6.0 (Melky is 4.6). After his two run HR tonight, the Dbacks announcers said he should be considered as a leading candidate for MVP this year. I concur.


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