Thursday, August 16, 2012

What a crappy day!

In the wake of dumbass Melky getting caught for illegal drugs, it would have been nice had the team gone out and won. Well, the offense delivered 4 runs -- usually good enough to win -- but Tim Lincecum was crappy enough to give up 4 in 4 innings and the pen let two more in. Ray Ratto at CSN Bay Area has a pretty good column about what this all means -- 

 Unlike two years ago, when the Giants made their run right about this time, the Giants have three starters rather than four, a committee rather than a closer, and no more margin for error.

And of all the things we know about the Giants, they need all the margin they can get grab.

That is, unless you believe that:

•       Tim Lincecum can be Tim Lincecum from this moment out.
•       Brandon Belt can remove the inconsistencies from his game for good.
•       Pablo Sandoval remains healthy.
•       Hunter Pence becomes the Hunter Pence of Houston days.
•       Santiago Casilla relocates what made him a closer.
•       Buster Posey can become more than the best player he already is and more of a leader by more than example.

That last one seems curious, but this team needs not only all the other elements but someone to become the center of the clubhouse and the field, and Posey must be that center, whether it suits his personality or not. He is in charge of the pitching staff, he is the best hitter, and has all the voice he wants to use, if he wants to use it.

And in the current production void, nobody else can do that job.


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