Friday, August 24, 2012

Three up with 37 to go

Barry Zito won his 10th game tonight. I'm amazed to be writing that because he's so damn inconsistent. He damn near got a complete game. Steve Kroner's game story the SF Chronicle ends with a list of good games and bad games this year. 

Let's give credit where credit is due -- Zito has manned up this year like I never thought he would. Credit to Bruce Bochy and Dave Righetti too. Lefty Malo has a good post about how well Bochy has managed this year.Here's part of it --

We've seen recent arguments for Buster Posey's MVP candidacy and for Bumgarner sneaking into the Cy Young picture. How about a few votes for Bruce Bochy, manager of the year, if the Giants make the playoffs? Consider the arc of the year so far: He loses his closer, then his backup closer goes from dominant to desperate; Pablo Sandoval misses more than 50 games, Tim Lincecum misplaces his mojo, and then pop goes the Melky. Bochy and his staff have kept the bullpen effective, and they've helped Posey come back more SuperBuster than ever. Drama! Adversity! Mumbling! Davey Johnson will probably win the award for presiding over the Washington Nationals' evolution into the most frightening team in baseball, but I hope some of the voters throw old Boch a bone.


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