Saturday, August 18, 2012

The beauty of Buster

Hoo-boy. Baseball Reference lists the top two players for the Giants this year measured by WAR as Melkey at 4.8, followed by Buster at 4.7. Vogelsong is third at 3.0, followed by Matt Cain and Bumgarner at 2.7 each. Melky and Buster are fifth and sixth in the NL right now among offensive players --

1.McCutchen (PIT)6.2
2.Wright (NYM)5.7
3.Bourn (ATL)5.0
4.Braun (MIL)4.9
5.Cabrera (SFG)4.8
6.Posey (SFG)4.7

Barney (CHC)4.7
8.Votto (CIN)4.6
9.Heyward (ATL)4.4
10.Holliday (STL)4.3

 Here's the AL list  --

1.Trout (LAA)8.0
2.Cano (NYY)5.5
3.Cabrera (DET)5.4
4.Reddick (OAK)4.2
5.Jackson (DET)4.0
6.Pujols (LAA)3.8
7.Hamilton (TEX)3.7

Encarnacion (TOR)3.7

Zobrist (TBR)3.7
10.Gordon (KCR)3.6

Lawrie (TOR)3.6

 Buster's surge has come on kind of abruptly. Earlier today, the Giants official site has posted a long piece by Tracy Ringolsby of about Buster Posey. Here's part -- 

Posey hasn't just returned from the injury. He has returned to the list of the game's elite players.
Posey was good enough in the first half of the season to be selected to the All-Star team. He has been even better in the second half.
Check out the numbers.
Since the All-Star break, Posey leads the Major Leagues with a .434 batting average, .516 on-base percentage and .764 slugging percentage. He leads the NL with 33 RBIs and is tied for fourth with nine home runs. And that's despite playing his home games in a pitcher's haven known as AT&T Park.


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