Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sandoval-Crawford juggle

This is just amazing

A Giants Win hat tip to Bay City Ball for the above link to the GIF of tonight's stunning play. I am so technologically inept that it stuns me that I've figured this out. Chris Quick has some good commentary too, particularly on Brandon Belt -- 

  Brandon Belt is a pretty decent baserunner when he’s not careening around the basepaths like a drunken gazelle. Case in point: in the 9th inning, Belt led off with a single that was followed up with a first-pitch Joaquin Arias double that bounced around some in the LF corner. Belt scored from first base. I’m not sure if 75% of first basemen in baseball could have scored on that play, but Belt did. Even if he hasn’t hit for power like we would ideally want, Belt’s been pretty good in the “other things” of baserunning* and defense. Oh, and he’s pretty good at not making outs, too.


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