Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lousy scoreboard watching

I got to see tonight's game score from Anaheim Stadium, where the T3 score went from 1-0 to 8-0. A few innings later, thanks mostly to Brad Penny, it was 14-0 but the Giants did put up a 2 in the bottom of the 7th. It turned out that Brandon Crawford had hit his first homer ever at AT&T Park and the first non-Buster Giant home HR since June 29. (UPDATE -- I forgot about the Hunter Pence homer!)

John Shea of the SF Chron notes in his game story that the umping was so bad in the third that Bruce Bochy was ejected for the second time all year. It was the worst beatdown ever at AT&T (can't we please come up with a better name? like Mays Field at AT&T Park?) in terms of number of hits by an opponent (21). 

Yet still, still, I was hoping for a comeback. Let me take you back -- way back, to the early 1958 season, when the Giants went from an 11-1 deficit in the 9th and put up 9 against the Pirates before finally losing 11-10. I couldn't believe when I heard about  it -- Here's how it went --

Ray Jablonski -- single
Orlando Cepeda -- single
Hank Sauer -- infield error 
Willie Kirkland -- out on pop up
Jim King -- double
Johnny Antonelli -- PH double
Bob Speake --PH double
Willie Mays -- walk 
Daryl Spencer -- ground out 
Ray Jablonski -- HR
Orlando Cepeda -- HR
Hank Sauer -- walk
Bob Schmidt -- PH walk
Jim Finigan -- PH error
Don Tausig -- PH fly out


Anonymous ian said...

Pence hit a HR at home just two days ago....

9:46 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

Of course! thanks, Ian

12:42 PM  

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