Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Biggest lead of the season

3 and half games over the Yankees of the West.

I heard Milo Hamilton deliver the call on the Astros broadcast. Milo, who's old enough to be in the Hall of Fame, said that the Giants had played the game as if they were at AT&T Park.

Brandon Belt, Joaquin Arias and Hector Sanchez provided the heroics -- and that is the right word -- in the top of the 9th when it looked as if the Giants were going to lose 2-1.

MC O'Connor has some sharp observations at Raising (Matt Cain) --  Matty was on the hook for the loss, getting Cain'd like it was 2008. But the youngsters delivered in the clutch. Baggs had a tweet that said the Giants were 2-50 when trailing in the 8th inning before tonight.


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