Friday, August 31, 2012

"Any time you lose to the Cubs is a disgrace"

That's my favorite quote from Alvin Dark, Giants manager from 1961 through 1964. You can find it in in "A Flag for San Francisco," written by Charles Einstein while he was the beat writer for the San Francisco Examiner.

Anyhow, Madison Bumgarner had a pretty terrible outing, giving up five runs by the end of the third. The Giants could only score 4.

Here's the thing -- beating up on bad teams like the Astros and the Cubs is crucial at this time of year. The next two games with the Cubs, which are up in the air due to the remnants of Hurricane Isaac arriving in Illinois tomorrow, are the last the Orange and Black will play outside the NL West for the regular season. After that, it's 9 against the Rox, seven against the Dbacks and six each against the Padres and Dodgers.  


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