Saturday, August 11, 2012

A solution for the headcase Orange and Black offense

It's truly strange how poorly the Giants have played on offense at home this year, capped by tonight's disappointing 3-0 three-hitter. The Brandons got the 3 singles. The team has now scored 13 runs in its last seven home games and has a total of 17 HRs at home all season.

I continue to believe that "batting" coach Hensley Meulens should be fired. Whatever he's telling the guys ain't working. There's no excuse for a team that can hit decently on the road to perform this abysmally at home.

Here's my modest proposal: There's a guy named Barry Bonds -- who actually knows how to hit at AT&T Park -- who has said he'd be happy to coach. I can guarantee that the team would begin to hit better at home.

It would be a gutsy move, for sure


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