Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Your homer-free SF Giants

With Pablo Sandoval's homers today and Friday night, the Giants have now gotten to 49 homers for the year as they start the second half with a fairly depressing 9-4 loss to the Nats. That's the second-lowest total in the MLB, leading only the Dodgers. It also means that both teams are on track to finish with less than 100 homers

The Giants are a bit better at scoring runs with 324, which is 23rd in the MLB. But again, this underlines what a crappy GM Brian Sabean is when it comes to assembling an offense. Yes, I know that he had the good sense to trade for Melky Cabrera, where the real upside has been getting something in return for the increasingly worthless Jonathan Sanchez.

Now, it's looking like the Giants HR "crown" will be won by a guy who hits about 20 HRs this year. It's all very reminiscent of 2008, when the Giants hit a paltry 94 HRs, led by Bengie Molina's 16, followed by Aaron Rowan's 13, followed by Randy Winn, Rich Aurilia and John Bowker with 10 each.  

Right now, it's looking like Posey and Sandoval will hit around 20, Cabrera will hit 15 and Blanco and Belt will hit around 10. 

Update -- two hours after the game ended, the Giants web site and Chris Haft have not bothered to correct Haft's goof that Sandoval hasn't homered since he came off the DL. Geez, guys, I know it's a holiday, but is it asking too much to get this right? I guess it is.


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