Monday, July 23, 2012

Vogelsong, Verlander, Zimmerman

That headline looks like a law firm -- but it's the answer to a trivia question that Duane Kuiper and Dave Flemming offered up during the radiocast tonight: who are the 3 pitchers who have gone at least 6 innings in every start this year. Ryan Vogelsong, Justin Verlander and Jordan Zimmerman.

Just heard on the MLB Network that Vogelsong -- after tonight's 7-1 buttkick of the Padres -- has a 1.41 ERA at home, the best mark in the majors.

Vogelsong won't get noticed as much as Buster Posey, who is raking much as he did in July of 2010. He went 3-for-4 tonight, including a 3-run jack that put the game out of reach. But what was as memorable to me was his throwing out Logan Forsythe to end the top of the 4th at second with a perfect throw to Theriot. "Wow," said Kuip, who knows a thing or two about throws to second base.

John Shea notes in his game story for the SF Chronicle that it's only the 14th time that a Giant has homered to the right field arcade in the 13 years of AT&T Park and Buster was the last one in July 2010.

He's batting .513 with 17 rbis in his last 10 games.


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