Friday, July 20, 2012

Tim's back!?!?

Oh, my. He's just won his fourth game and thoroughly dominated the Phils at Citizens Bank. Man, it's about time...and hopefully, he's now put it together.

Nice lift for us Giants fans on a downbeat day, given the tragic events in Colorado. Chris Haft's story for notes that Brandon Crawford hit his first grannie since his debut game in May, 2011. 

Crawford also hit a 3-run bomb in the 11th two days ago in the ATL. He now has six MLB homers.

UPDATE -- Grant at McCovey Chronicles has a good game recap and makes an excellent point about Tim's most crucial pitch tonight -- 

  There was this microanalysis of every single pitch Lincecum threw, and it all went into the same Cuisinart until nothing made sense. When he loaded the bases in the fourth, his first pitch to Placido Polanco was exceptional. A knee-buckling breaking ball that still caught the strike zone. Called strike. It was the best pitch he could have thrown.
How could a broken pitcher make that pitch? I get it if a pitcher has the yips like Rick Ankiel, or if he's hurt, or if his stuff is totally nonexistent. But when a pitcher can sit 91/92 and still break hitters down like that, I don't understand how they can get hit so hard.
I didn't understand how Lincecum could be so bad. I still don't get it. But the best part is that now I get to think of him being so danged good. Two starts in a row. His good starts have come against the Padres, Astros, A's, Dodgers, and Phillies, and I'm pretty sure all of those teams hit like the '08 Giants after a nasty flu goes around the clubhouse, so we probably shouldn't get carried away. But this is clearly better than the alternative. Lincecum looked really good tonight, even out of the stretch. That's two starts in a row. Can't get more welcome than that.


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